Utah Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government

Governor Gary R. Herbert formed the Utah Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government in September 2009. The Commission was made up of public officials and business and community leaders who have managed both private and public entities in difficult economic times. As directed by Governor Herbert, the Commission's charge was to conduct a careful and thoughtful review of current governmental practices and submit recommendations to the Governor on ways to better optimize Utah state government.

The original charter documentation is located here.

On August 19th, 2010 the Utah Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government concluded their work. Commission members discovered ways to improve efficiency, enhance effectiveness and optimize performance. They have identified areas where innovation and efficiency already exist, and explored ways to expand those measures. The Commission's work was voluntary, independent, and advisory.

The Commission's report to the Govenor is located here.

A 2012 update on the the findings and implmentation of the reccomendations are located here.

The Governor would like to extend gratitude to the following business and community leaders individuals for their generous time and expertise:

Commission Members

  • Gov. Norm Bangerter, Chair
  • Fraser Bullock, Vice-Chair
  • Charlie Johnson, Vice-Chair
  • Nolan Karras, Vice-Chair
  • Gayle McKeachnie, Vice-Chair
  • Pamela Atkinson
  • Neal Berube
  • Natalie Gochnour
  • Ron Hawkins, CPA
  • Ellis Ivory
  • Steve Starks
  • Lynne Ward

Ex Officio Members

  • Rep. Ron Bigelow
  • Sen. Dan Liljenquist
  • Rep. David Litvack
  • Sen. Luz Robes


The Utah Advisory Commission to Optimized State Govenment would like to extend its gratitude to the following business and community leaders for their generous donations of time and expertise:

  • David Berg
  • Dan Lofgren
  • Gordon Crabtree
  • Bayne McMillan
  • Reverend France Davis
  • Leo Memmott
  • Robert Gross
  • Becky Potts
  • Pete Haun
  • Allison Riley
  • Dan Howells
  • Nathan Savage
  • Raylene Ireland
  • Maria Sweeten-Soliz
  • Rich Kendell
  • Steve Terry
  • Steve Kroes
  • Joseph Watkins
  • W. Waldan Lloyd
  • Dan Lofgren
  • Allison Riley
  • Alayne Peterson

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