Operational Transparency

Over the last decade, Utah 's legislature has been working toward a standard of accountability and transparency that fosters trust in government and maximizes constituent return on tax dollars. Under the Governor's leadership, the state of Utah has been named the best managed state in the nation. The interface between transparency, performance management, and budgeting is a key component of responsible governance. The ultimate goal of operational transparency is to help citizens recognize the return on their [public] investment.

Fiscal Transparency

In 2008, the Utah State Legislature passed SB38. The intent of this bill was to make certain public financial information available on the Internet. It also modified certain notice requirements of the Open and Public Meetings Act. The bill established a transparency board (GOPB is represented) that will oversee the implementation of this project.. Utah has developed a state-of-the-art portal that provides fiscal transparency to the public. This tool is another important element in providing operational transparency.

Public Meeting Notice

The State of Utah has developed an innovative tool that helps citizens participate in public meetings. The Utah Public Meeting Notice website is a tool that provides notifications of future meetings and notices via e-mail or RSS feeds. It also has a search capability that allows users to easily search and locate public notices by government organizations throughout the state (including cities and counties).

More Information:

External Link Utah's Public Meeting Notice website can be found here.
External Link Utah's fiscal transparency website can be found here.
External Link For more information on Utah's transparency initiative, please contact the GOPB Management Section here, or at 801-538-1027.